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Health Coach and Consultant
Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly do you do?
We help people who are struggling reversing their autoimmune and other chronic health challenges. They tell us their struggles, setbacks, what they have tried, and we give them a customized nutritional and healing plan to help them heal as rapidly as possibly.  We tell our clients exactly which foods to eat, what to do now as well as long term, follow their progress every day to support them, and make adjustments to ensure their success.
Who do you work with?
Our program has 100% success rate and that is because we hand select the clients we want to work with. All of our clients have one thing in common - they believe that it's possible for them to get better; they are coachable and open minded to trying new things; they have a positive attitude and willingness and a deep desire to get healthy even it if means changing their lifestyle and diet. 
Why should I believe you over my doctor for the best health strategies to heal my health condition?
It is not about believing us over your doctor; it's about working with us and your doctor in order to get the outcome that you desire.

We can't, and don't want to do what doctors do, and they can't, and don't know how to do what we do. If disease reversal were just dependent on traditional medicine, then all patients would be healed now. But they aren't. When you have all necessary elements working together, your healing rates get close to 100%. We have successfully helped people get off medicine and heal themselves from autoimmune diseases such as lupus, arthritis, hashimotos, and even unknown illnesses causing hair loss and chronic fatigue.  We  helped even those people whose doctor told them that it wasn't possible for them to get better. 

Your doctor and us will work together to ensure quick success. As long as your doctor doesn't suck, we will get along wonderfully. We have great relationships with tons of medical doctors. 
Are you a medical doctors or nurses?
No. We are immunotherapy researchers running two research labs (one in USA and one in India) as well as health coaches and nutritionists specializing in helping people reverse their chronic health challenges and diseases through diet and nutrition. Our expertise when it comes to holistic healing comes from experiences, studies, seminars, and workshops. Everything we do has been tested, unless otherwise stated, and it is based on results, not theories. 
How long is the program and how much does it cost?
Our program is custom for each client. Once we determine that we are a good fit for each other and we know 100% that we can help you, then and only then we will invite you to work with us and share the investment plan as well as what your options are.
How do I start?
The next step is to schedule a call with us. When you schedule, there is a quick questionnaire to fill out. This will give us a good overview of your journey so far. If we believe that we can help you with just some resource links, we will send those links to you and cancel our call. Otherwise, we will come prepared for our call with a customized strategy to share with you. 

Melissa Neil

"Through working with Viktoriya and Oksana, the following characteristics stood out: pleasant personalities, openness, confidence and a deep interest in me as their client, willingness to listen and support me all the way."

Dr. Dorothy Yates, MD

“As a medical doctor, I am impressed by Viktoriya and Oksana’s knowledge when it comes to nutrition and vibrant theory. I followed their program on implanting more real, whole foods throughout a day and felt more energy for eighteen-hour days full of patient, family, and personal responsibilities. Plus, their meal plans are delicious and I no longer feel clogged up or drained."
“I was on insulin for 18 years with kidney failure, high blood pressure medications for over a decade, and was over 100 lbs overweight. More than once, my blood sugar was in 400s”
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