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No-Show, Cancellation and Reschedule Policy
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Who are you and what do you do?
We are Nutritionists, Immunology Scientists, and experts in cellular nutrition. We specialize in helping people reverse autoimmunity by optimizing their immune function and cellular repair. When working together, we customize your nutrition for rapid disease reversal based on a PROVEN process for reversing autoimmunity, educate, and coach you through the recovery process EVERY DAY to insure your success. We also make adjustments in your plan based on individual results. We work with people online in the comfort of their own home - we coach you and support you via email, private client facebook group, and 1-1 zoom video calls. 
What are the conditions you help with?
We've been hugely successful in reversing pain and inflammation in people suffering with autoimmunity. We've helped people with extremely severe diseases dramatically increase their energy and vitality. Some of the conditions we treat using nutrition include, but not limited to Asthma (and all kinds of inflammatory pulmonary conditions), Allergies, Adrenal Fatigue, Autoimmune Hepatitis, Liver Disease, Fatty Liver, Chronic Pain, Ulcerative Colitis, Kidney Disease, Eczema, Crohn's, Interstitial Cystitis, IBS, Diabetes (both 1 and 2), Fibromyalgia, Grave's Disease, Hashimotos, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, Sjogrens, Polymyositis, Pneumonia, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, High Blood Pressure, Scleroderma (diffuse, morphia, systemic, limited), High Cholesterol, Chronic Migraines, Myasthenia Gravis, Multiple Sclerosis, Anemia, Fibroids, Slow Metabolism, Vasculitis, Urticaria, vitiligo, tinnitus, heart palpitations, rosacea, Polymyalga Rheumatica, and countless others. 

We work with people remotely in the comfort of their home, online, via phone calls, video calls, and email - you don't need to travel to be able to participate in our recovery program.
How we are different from doctors and functional medicine doctors?
Our expertise is on what your cells need to do their jobs the best way possible. When we heal people from diseases like autoimmune disease, we identify what's missing in their diet and lifestyle, and then customize their nutritional recovery plan based on the proven process for reversing their disease/condition and our experience working with others in the same situation. We tell our clients exactly which foods to eat, what to do now as well as long term, follow their progress EVERY DAY to support them, educate them, and make adjustments to ensure their success.

You get unlimited access to us and we personally coach you through the rapid disease reversal process, looking over everything you eat and make corrections for you when you mess up. We dramatically cut the time it takes for you to reverse your disease and therefore reduce all of the financial, physical, and emotional costs associated with being sick. 

Note: your results depend on you participation in the program. Even if you choose not to utilize everything that is available to you, the time in the program continues. How much you get out of it depends on what you put in.

Do I need to buy supplements and eat organic?
None of that stuff is needed in our program. do you see all of our clients below? none of them were required to eat organic to get these type of results in 4-6 weeks of us working together. We have also worked with people from Russia, India, Spain, and Germany and found a way to make our program work for anyone regardless of their situation or location.

I am breastfeeding and/or pregnant, but I have an autoimmune disease, can I still participate in your program?
Yes! We not only going to make sure that you give your body all the nutrition and tools that it needs to repair itself and reverse chronic inflammation, but also insure you have a healthy pregnancy. We have worked with clients before who were breastfeeding and one of the clients even got pregnant while in our program. However, we always encourage that you heal first before getting pregnant.
When I work with you, do I continue to take all of my meds?
Yes, you should continue medical treatments and medications in collaboration with your physician(s) while on the autoimmune nutritional program. This program does not establish a doctor-patient relationship. Neither Viktoriya and Oksana, nor anyone associated with Viktoriya and Oksana, LLC, has, is, or will practice medicine with clients. They will not prescribe medicines or any medical treatment. They will not adjust existing medications or treatments. Viktoriya and Oksana, LLC limit their services strictly to guiding clients through autoimmune reversal nutritional program. All medical decisions, treatments, and prescriptions are left entirely up to the client's primary care physician. 
Can I pay to do your healing program once and then do it again for free?
Access to our coaching is what you invest in, but how much you get out of it depends on what you put into it. The clients who participated have had dramatic life changing and health changing experiences. We put countless hours helping our clients every day without a single day off, because we are dedicated to giving them all we can to help them heal. However, we can’t want it more than you do. We can’t feed you. We can’t participate for you in the facebook group and ask questions. We can’t chase you down. It wouldn’t be fair to people who want to work with us, but there are spaces taken up by people who don’t participate but want to stay in the program for free. Realize that every person we have worked with was very sick. All of them were struggling with different levels of problems with their pain and energy. Some people had their family die and yet they kept letting us support them, because that is the purpose of our program. If you are in a habit of giving up when you have obstacles or frustrations or if you’re in the habit of blaming others, then those habits are going to keep you sick. We want you to work with us if you’re really planning to do the work both emotionally and physically to get your health back.  
What’s different about this, we are not just committed to you, but we are partnering with you and we walk you through the recovery and if you get stuck on the first page, you are going to ask a question and we are going to get you unstuck. The only way we can’t help you is if you don’t show up and don’t ask questions. Are you willing to show up as a coachable person who asks "how can I?" instead of "how I can't"? If so, let's have a chat and see if it's a good fit.
How much does it cost?
The first step is to schedule your chat to make sure that this is the right fit for you. Our program is by invitation-only. You have to qualify and you have to be invited into the program after we have a chat to make sure that you're someone we can help and want to work with. Only after we have a chat and determine that this program is exactly what you need and that we can help you get there, then we will tell you what the investment is and what it entails. It is immoral and unethical to enroll people into any programs for which they are not a fit - just because you can afford something doesn't mean you should do it. Also, the investment of our program is subject to change over time.
Can you give any discount for Russian speaking or if on a disability?
There a lot of people we speak to on the same boat and it would be wonderful if we could do that and run the clinic for free, however it takes money to run it and therefore we need to charge for our services. If we could do it and not have 80,000 USD in ANNUAL overhead fees, who knows, maybe we could do it for free in the future. But we are not in the position to having to do that now. If I were to work at the hospital, or another job, then we wouldn’t have time to work with our patients so paying the overhead fees is what allows us to continue to help people. If we can't cover our autoimmune program's expenses, how can we continue to help people?
"I've already worked with so many people and I don't know who to trust anymore"
I totally hear you. Because you've done that, you know what doesn’t work and now you have a choice, you can stay stuck and be in a place of anger or you can proof to everyone else that you can recover, so what are you going to do? Are you going to keep this down or work with someone who can help you overcome your condition? Whether you do this or not, it’s not about that. It’s about helping you. I want you to remind you that time is the one resource that we don’t get back and if you have a habit of putting things off or allowing fear get in your way of recovery, and then this is the thing that will keep you stuck. 
Do you have a guarantee?
Our job is to present an opportunity for you to work together and have us help you heal and it's up to you to take advantage of that. We see it time & time again - there are NO guarantees in life EXCEPT that if you keep doing what you've been doing, nothing will change. So if you want different results, you have to do something you have not done before. No one is legally allowed to offer guarantees in health outcomes. Plus, your results are dependent on your commitment to participate in this program and follow our instructions. We will guarantee that we will do all we can to help you, but we cannot guarantee that you will show up and do the work. We DO provide dozens of case studies our clients and their results on our facebook page. 
What kind of diet or protocol do you recommend for disease reversal?
NONE, we don't use any healing protocols because our program is OURS and unique to us and it has to be done with us. We guide people through their recovery and make adjustments when needed and help you isolate what is still  causing you not to get better,  how to accelerate your nutritional recovery, and educate you on everything that you need to know and understand about using nutrition that is personalized to your unique situation for disease reversal. We teach our clients how to reverse autoimmunity and fix the immune system, so their labs go back to normal and they no longer experience any symptoms. There is a big difference between remission vs full disease reversal. Functional medicine doctors focus on supplements and eliminations diet or some old school protocols, but it doesn’t fix the immune system. We help people actually fix the immune system so it stops producing inflammatory immune cells allowing the cells to repair. So we focus on reversing autoimmunity all without supplements/herbs or therapies
How our process is different?

"What I really like about it is that it’s so prescriptive. I’ve worked with nutritionist who have said things “try to eat more apples.” What worked super well is that you said exactly this, exactly that. By the morning, you say “make this change, try this instead and it made it doable. Just the fact that you told me WHAT to do, WHEN to do it." - client with interstitial cystitis , UTI's, laryngitis, ear infection, hair thinning, exhaustion, weight gain, leaky gut
How our process is different?

"If I am going to do anything, why not do something that works...It completely worth the investment. This is not a diet, you have the education and knowledge to have forever. You coach us to learn what we need to learn. Just knowing that you were there 24/7, you girls are right there to answer questions, who else does that?" - client with lupus, PCOS, joint pain, IBS, adrenal fatigue, dizziness, bruising, high cholesterol, tingling, brittle hair and nails, food allergies
How our process is different?

I was skeptical at first because I spent a lot of money on other programs that didn't help or helped but not enough and I wasn't able to stick with it. And I just want to assured whoever is thinking about this. This is definitely worth it and you could stick with it. I'm never hungry. Even when I was going through detox symptoms, i knew it was detox and it would pass. You gave so much support. Detox passed so quickly. I'm really glad. I'm so happy that I took the chance and was it was well worth it" - client with hashimotos and gastritis
What was it inspired you to work with us?

"I felt scared but more reassured after speaking with you. You hear about all the scam on the internet, but I felt that you were the source and you knew what you were talking about, doing research in immunology and nutrition and felt that you had the background to help me. Thank you for the time you've invested into your lives and into the program and the time you've spent with me. I wish I could send you flowers somehow" -client with graves' disease, rapid heart rate, poor sleep, extreme hair loss, fatigue.
Are we legit?

“When I was telling this to my 28 years old ulcerative colitis: you need a life, you are only 28 years old. You have to heal. There is hope in healing, don’t believe in doctors. She is into natural healing and a poor girl, she already tried two times into natural healing, the people who took care of her really failed her. And so she is traumatized and her husband does not want to try. And I told her everything about you. And I gave myself as a testimony and as witness. And I kept telling her that they (Viktoriya and Oksana) are legit, they are real, and you can count on them. They are really scientific. It is so scientific. This science that they teach it is very basic and it makes very much sense. and just that alone and how in fact you can heal from a cellular level, you cannot argue with that.” - our client who is a COVID nurse became symptoms free from Sjogren’s in 21 days 
Are we legit?

"You guys are definitely legit, I don’t know how anybody can not say that or think that…You make friendships in this program. You girls are there. We talk through the document, facebook group, the zoom chat. You're right there answering my questions at live times. Everything you are doing makes sense, because we are healing. If it wasn’t, why would all these people be feeling better? You guys aren't the cookie cutter program. It's so individualized. You give SO much of your time - giving your time and energy and I'm so grateful that you do that. You give your all. You're with us, holding our hand" - our client with lupus, IBS, joint pain, PCOS, migraines, swollen/painful lymph nodes, brittle hair, bruising, high cholesterol, tingling, numbness, coldness, pins/needles, allergies.

Why you need to reverse your disease on a cellular level not mask your symptoms with medication or supplements or do a stem cell therapy?

"Autoimmune disease is a very serious thing and I see this every day with my patients. Yesterday I had a very sick 53-year-old rheumatoid arthritis patient and I was devastated for her. I told her enough is enough. Do not be living like this.There is hope for you. And last week, I had a 28-year-old ulcerative colitis patient and I told her: you need a life; you should not be coming back to the hospital twice per week. That inflammation of your colon can be healed. And I am seeing my patients and they are just so ignorant. And I was so ignorant too. My family are all doctors and they have NO clue when it comes to cellular nutrition and disease reversal.  Five and ten years from now if a person doesn’t reverse their disease, their organs are not going to function, especially if they start using medication. - our client who is a COVID nurse became symptoms free from Sjogren’s in 21 days   

Watch this video from our clients where they share their healing in only 6 weeks in our rapid disease reversal program

“First thing that I loved was that there was no supplements! and the fact that you interact with me daily and that you're accessible." - client with hyporthyroidism and gastritis

"After two weeks on your protocol, I was completely off my medication. It gave me control of my life back and you can't put a price on that" - client with ulcerative colitis

"My skin would sometimes itch and i would get random pumps on my chest. I have not had any itching and my skin is getting better every day. My skin is more flexible than it was before." - client with scleroderma (day 29 in our program)

"I would have probably died if I have not looked into different things to try like your program. The doctors just don't have the knowledge or background to be able to heal people. They can mask the symptoms" - client with rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, oligoarthritis

Watch this video of our client with Sjogren's who is a COVID nurse and her results that she has made in only 21 days:

• Severe brain fog, I could not even remember how to spell basic words such as “fever.”
• I had very severed dry eyes, mouth and skin. 
• I had difficult swallowing, my food would just hand on the throat
• I had severed arthritis pain on my bones and joints. I could not even put my mask on without being teary from pain
• I had abdominal pain and gastric pain from constipation (I was going to the bathroom only twice per week)
• I felt like my feet were in chains, it was so hard to walk
• I actually wrote to Viktoriya and Oksana: “hey ladies I am very depressed, I have zero motivation. I am afraid I will start the program and will quit as quickly as possible
21 days after: 
• On a 2nd day of the program, I started going to the bathroom
• In 15 days, my symptoms went from 10/10 to 2/10 for about day 15
• On day 21, all the pain was just gone!

Todd: hypothyroidism, vertigo, polymyalgia rheumatica

• body aches and pain
• chills
• fatigue
• high inflammation
• hypothyroidism SYMPTOMS
• lethargic
• TSH is 157 very high (march 2020)
• T4, Free 0.4 (low while taking thyroid medication)
• T3, Free 1.4 (low while taking thyroid medication)

After 30 days:
• No more fatigue
• No more aches and pain
• No more chills
• No more lethargic
• Inflammation is down
• TSH is 0.476 (normal range august 2020)
• T4 free is 1.9 (high because taking thyroid medication which needs to be lowered now! No longer needs as much thyroid medication because thyroid is functioning better)
• T3 free is 3.6 (normal!)

Raquel: hashimoto's, brain fog, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatigue, anemia

• Hashimoto’s
• High blood pressure
• High cholesterol
• Raynaud’s
• Brain fog
• Hair loss
• Sinuses
• Fatigue
• Anemia

After 40 days:
• Blood pressure went from 144/94 to 109/77 81 BPM (without medication)
• Vitamin D went from 28 ng/mL to 36.8 ng/mL
• T4 went from 1.42 ng/dl to 1.68 ng/dl
• TSH went from 2.090 mclU/ml to 0.588 mcIU/ml
• Iron went from 36 to 45
• A1C dropped by 0.4 points
• Cholesterol dropped by 40 points
• LDL dropped by 48 points
• Alkaline Phosphatase dropped by 16 points
• No more fatigue
• Less brain fog
• No more anemia
• Digestion is back to normal

Fabiola: scleroderma, raynaud's, CREST, dryness, hair loss, heartburn, joint pain, brain fog, insomnia

• Scleroderma
• Raynaud’s
• Dry mouth and eyes
• Hair loss
• Heartburn
• Swollen hands
• Difficulty breathing
• Joint pain
• Brain Fog
• Poor circulation
• Chest pain
• Weight gain
• Skin rashes
• Nuclear Ab, ser, ql = positive
• Chronic fatigue
• No sleep

After 30 days:
• No more dry mouth and eyes
• No more hair loss
• No more heartburn
• No more swollen hands
• No more joint pain
• No more brain fog
• No more chest pain
• Lost 25 lbs
• Not more CREST
• No more skin rushes
• No more fatigue
• Pain went from 10 to 2

Lucy: UTI's, interstitial cystitis, laryngitis, severe ear infection, exhaustion

• recurring UTI's - 7
• interstitial cystitis
• laryngitis twice in last 6 months
• severe ear infection
• heart races after eating
• hair thinning
• exhaustion
• weight gain (16 lbs overweight), hard to lose weight
• leaky gut
• secretory IgA: 2,156 (high)
• Calprotectin (stool inflammation level) 362 (high)

After 30 days:
• Calprotectin (stool inflammation level) <16
• proteus vulgaris is gone
• secretory IgA went down
• no more interstitial cystitis
• no more headache
• no more ear infections
• no more sore back
• no more hair loss
• no more migranes
• no more grey hair
• no more fatigue
• no more sinusitis
• 15 lbs of weight loss
Eliana: No more heartburn and progress in a week!
Eli - Sjogrens, Scleroderma, arthritis and positive smooth muscle Ab, Scl-70 antibody, Sjogrens Antibody, ANA, and high inflammation marker SED rate.

In just 8 weeks since starting with us, she reported the following:

• alopecia areata
• acid reflux
• chronic fatigue  
• food allergies
• swollen lymph nodes
• dry eyes 
• face numbness
• anxiety and depression
• difficulty breathing

After 8 weeks:
• No more hair loss
• No dry eyes
• No more anxiety and depression
• No more difficulty breathing
• No more lymph nodes pain
• No more acid reflux and no more gastritis
• No more chronic fatigue and less sensitivities
• Lots of energy !
• SED rate went from 28 to 5!
Susan: Graves Disease and Hashimotos - positive antibodies for graves disease and hashimotos; rapid heart rate symptoms, hair loss, joint pain.

She tried medications, but they were affecting her liver, so her endocrinologist wanted to remove her thyroid, which she refused.

• rapid heart rate
• poor sleep
• extreme hair loss
• low energy
• hand tremors

After 30 days:
• virtually no joint pain
• less brain fog
• high energy
• deeper sleep
• no more hair loss

In this video, our clients share her progress so far in under 30 days working with us!
Estee: Hashimoto's Headaches, Neck and shoulder pain, itchy ears and puffy eyelids

• headaches
• neck and shoulder pain
• itchy ears
• puffy eyelids
• up and down mood
• brain fog

40 days after:
• no more headaches
• no more neck and shoulder pain
• Better mood
• no more itchy and puffy eyelids
• lowered thyroid medication in 9 days
• no more brain fog
Nicole: Hashimoto's, adrenal fatigue, IBS, bloating, poor sleep and poor mood
• Constant headache
• Adrenal fatigue (extreme tiredness)
• Lack of energy
• IBS symptoms
• Bloating
• Poor sleep
• Weight gain (15 lbs over the last year and 10-15 lbs over the last month)
• Feeling hungry all the time
• Sometimes need naps to get through the day
• Irritability
• Feeling of depression
• Dry skin

90 days after:
• Less headaches
• Lost 30 lbs
• Better energy
• Better mood
• Lower medication
• Good digestion (no more IBS or bloating)
• Good sleep
• Better skin
• cholesterol normalize (will share before and after labs later)
Catalina: spondylarthritis, heart palpitation, gastritis, dermatitis

• spondylarthritis pain was a 10 (pain in the spine, sacroiliac joints, shoulder and heel)
• allergies
• Heart palpitation (preventing her to sleep)
• gastritis

8 weeks after:
• spondylarthritis pain went from 10 to 3
• heart palpitation completely disappeared
• Her pain before her cycle is a lot less
• No more IBS
• No more gastritis
Denise: Rheumatoid arthritis for 42 years, headaches, dry eyes, memory loss, anxiety

• Arthritis for 42 years
• Low energy
• High cholesterol
• Daily headaches
• Dry skin
• Memory loss
• Heart palpitation
• Weight gain
• Muscular degeneration
• eczema

After six weeks:
• skin is not as dry
• better memory
• less anxiety
• eczema is better
• less stress
• better mood
• better energy
• less headaches
• lost 10 lbs.
Rosa: psoriatic arthritis, chronic sinusitis, rosacea, psoriasis
• Pain 10/10
• Psoriatic arthritis- joint pain from neck to toes
• Psoriasis-lesions from scalp to toes
• Chronic sinusitis- have taken 6 different antibiotics and an anti-fungal since December 2019
• Rosacea
• tried heavy metal detox protocols by Medical Medium that made her worse

After six weeks:
• Pain 5/10
• no more psoriasis lesions
• good sleep
• better skin
• less joint pain

Guadalupe: fibromyalgia, diabetes type II, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol

• inflammation on her whole body, especially on her feet, hands, knees, ankles, elbows, back
• diabetes type II
• hearburn
• brain fog
• hormonal imbalance
• no sleep due to pain
• chronic fatigue
• feels sad and desperate

After 35 days:
• first time in years, she didn't feel pain in her feet, hands, knees, ankles, elbows, back
• diabetes type II reversed: no longer needed to take insulin!
• no more brain fog
• no more heartburn
• sleeping better
• lots of energy even during the evening and no more chronic fatigue
• feels positive and optimistic

Kari: psoriasis, weight gain, fluid retention, allergies, high inflammation (high igE)

• weight gain and couldn’t lose weight (or sustain her weight loss) despite eating very healthy
• Fluid retention in legs
• Food allergies
• Scalp psoriasis
• High igE (inflammation)

40 days after:
• Lost 13 lbs
• Fluid retention is gone
• Better skin
• Psoriasis was almost gone
• Inflammation went down
Chedebem: undiagnosed inflammation, chest/back pain, burning sensation in her body and face, red spots on palms (lupus like symptoms)
• Pain 10/10
• red spots on palms
• chest and back pain
• burning sensation in her body and face
• Serum creatinine is elevated 92 umol/L (range: 45 – 84 umol/L) elevated
• GFR is low 58 ml/min stage 3a (range: 90 and above)
• Rheumatoid Factor is elevated 21 KU/L (range is less than 14)

30 days after:
• Pain 2/10
• Great mood
• Great sleep
• No more burning sensation in her body and face
• Better skin
• High energy (was able to work long hours without fatigue)
• (Labs will be retested later)
Erin: skin rashes, patches, dry lips, IBS, food sensitivities, allergies, fatigue

• Rashes on her arms and legs
• Patches of itchy dry skin
• Dry lips
• Fatigue
• Food sensitives
• Emotional stress
• Digestive issues
• Allergic reaction to antibodies

40 days after:
• Rashes are starting to heal
• Less itchy dry skin
• No more fatigue
• No more digestive issues
• Hair and eyebrows started to grow thicker
• Less stress and anxiety
Larissa: hashimoto's, fatigue, hair loss, high cholesterol, leaky gut

• Fatigue
• High cholesterol (203)
• Indigestion/constipation
• Hair loss
• Gastritis since she 16 years old
• Leaky gut
• Dizziness due to low blood pressure
• Gastritis was triggered by some herbal supplements, which produces a lot of acids.
• Thyroglobulin IGG antibody: 122
5 weeks after:
• No more IBS
• No more high cholesterol (155 after 5 weeks)
• No more fatigue
• No more constipation
• No more inflammation in the body
• No more dizziness
• Thyroglobulin IGG antibody: 97
Sharan: kidney disease stage 3, fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, anxiety, hair loss
• Joint pain
• Fatigue
• Low energy
• Low mood
• Brain fog
• Can’t sleep due to pain

18 days after:
• Lost 5 kilos
• Less hair loss
• Less joint pain and stiffness
• No more brain fog
• No more fatigue
• Better mood and sleep

Evelyn: Hashimotos, Lyme, RA, joint pain, chronic fatigue, hair loss, Brain Fog
• Lyme
• RA
• Hashimoto’s
positive ana
• High inflammation markers
• Bad mood
• Headache
• Nausea
• Joint pain
• Hair loss
• Dry skin
• Fatigue

After 40 days:
• Hashimoto’s symptoms are gone
• Normal bowel movements
• Feet stopped hurting after 6 years of pain
• No more headache
• No more fatigue
• No more hair loss
• No more dry skin
• No more nausea
• Good sleep
• Great mood

Rudy - Rheumatoid Arthritis, oligoarthritis, peripheral polyneuropathy, anemia (70 years old!)

- lumbar degenerative disc disease
- elevated TSH, high inflammation markers
- type 2 diabetes (long term insulin), A1C 9.1
- low hemoglobin and hematocrit
- tissue necrosis

40 days later!
- NO MORE diabetes (off insulin), A1c normal
- NO more tissue necrosis
- arthritis pain significantly decreased
Krystle - Crohns and Hashimotos

- stomach pain
- bleeding and diarrhea
- Crohns diagnosis and Hashimotos

After six weeks only!
- no more pain
- great digestion, lots of energy
- no more bleeding and diarrhea
Symptom free in 4 weeks!

Disclaimer: results can vary due to your commitment to participate and follow instructions, health history, and status.
Simona - dermatitis

"I came to you because I was feeling pressure on the side of my abdomen. The pain has not come up since. The big issue is that I was feeling anxiety every single day about my health. The anxiety went from really bad to practically zero and that's fantastic to not think or worry about your health."

"My legs have not been touched by dermatitis and right now i have nothing" 
Nancy: gastritis, esophagus, arthritis, muscle pain: lab results in 35 days

• RF factor 10 (2017) and 14 (2018)
• Arthritis and muscle pain
• Gastritis and Esophagitis
• GERD and Acid reflux all day long
• Dry cracked hands and hair loss
• Anxiety/stress
35 days after:
• RF factor <10
• No more arthritis and muscle pain
• Gastritis and esophagitis is no longer seen by an endoscopy which was done 35 days into the program
• GERD and Acid Reflux is gone
Lauren: sjogrens,  sjogrens, mixed connective disease, muscle and joint pain
“I’ve gone from feeling numb everywhere to feeling human again”

dry mouth
dry skin
tooth decay
hair thinning
muscle pain and joint stiffness pain was 10/10
low energy
food sensitivities
brain fog

30 days after:
high energy
less muscle pain and joint stiffiness
no more constipation
less dryness
no more brain fog
feeling like a human again
Alisa: high blood pressure, GERD, IBS, heart palpitation, fatigue, weight gain

• digestive issues
• muscle pain/joints (every morning have stiffness; right knee is swollen)
• high blood pressure 162/99
• muscle twitching
• heart palpitations
• prediabetic
• hair loss
• low energy
• weight around the middle
After 40 days:
• Lost 18 lbs
• No more hair loss
• No more digestive issues
• No more high blood pressure
• Blood pressure is now 98/72 - 82/66 85/64
• No more GERD
• No more acid reflux
• No more back pain
• No more heart palpitation
• Feels stronger and legs don’t feel as weak
• Has glowing skin
• Great mood

Madison - No More Systemic Scleroderma Symptoms (program in 6 weeks!)

- skin discoloration/tightness
- Weight loss and constipation/bloating
- Tendon rubs in arms and ankles that required surgery, Raynaud's Disease, Swollen fingers
- Dry eyes, dry mouth and nose

- No more skin tightness
- No more weight loss, no more constipation/bloating
- No more tendon rubs; no more Raynaud's!
- No more swollen fingers, No more dryness

Sandra: Scleroderma, Hashimotos, positive ANA, positive thyroid antibodies

Reported at 90 days!

• feeding tube, very weak at 90 lbs, low energy
• high inflammation markers
• bedridden

• Sed rate went from 16 to 7 (in 30 days)
• nails and hair growth fast; skin improved
shopping, doing laundry and even cooking!
Nicole: Lupus, PCOS, joint pain, IBS, inflammation

• positive ANA
• bloating, joint pain, pain/burning in intestine, nutrient deficiency, adrenal fatigue, dizziness, bruising, high cholesterol, tingling, brittle hair and nails, food allergies, no gallbladder.
• negative ANA
• no more bloating/pain/burning, no more joint pain, normal bowels
Miriam: Hashimotos, Kidney Disease, Adrenal Fatigue, Hypertension, Brain Fog
Ended up in emergency room due to high blood pressure; doctor told her she will need to be on kidney dialysis;

Lab results from doctor in 30 days:
• cholesterol: 225 to 131
• triglycerides: 149 to 105
• LDL: 141 to 68
• Testosterone: 50 to 38 
• C reactive protein, cardiac, 73.28 to 0.66 (no longer at risk for heart attack)
• Blood pressure 150/100 to 110/71 

Kameela - Lupus Nephritis, Stage 5 Kidney Disease

- Creatinine: 11.46 mg/dl
- GFR: 5 ml/min

After 7 days
- Creatinine: 5.82 mg/dl
- GFR: 10 ml/min

Blood pressure was 177/121 and less than 10 days later, it was 140/100
Brian - ulcerative colitis, celiac

Before 30 days
- positive ANA for celiac, anemia
- erosive gastritis, duodentitis, proctitis, sigmoiditis, internal hemorrhoids, tenesmus, non-stop bloody and mucosy stools

After 30 days
- no more internal hemorrhoid pain
- excellent mood, energy and no more bloody and mucosy stools.
Estee - no more shoulder or neck pain, no more headaches.

"I went to naturopath, I went to a doctor, I went to a specialist and none of them could give me the answer. And have been following you guys for like 2 years and you guys seem like you have the answer and if I will not try, I will never know.  
I own it to you guys, if I would not find you guys, I would not be in this position now because I still would be wondering what else I could do.
The more people will hear about you guys and the ones who do not have the trust, in the end they are losing out. The more you guys get exposed, the more people will want to join your program and the less time you will have for those other people who didn’t take on this opportunity to reverse their disease. Sometimes people will lose their opportunity to heal with you two. Why would you not take advantage from people who have this amazing knowledge?"
Miguel - Gastroparesis

"I thought I was going to die so many times. It was so scary..Seeing how much I have improved ever since all this began and it is just a relief. I am glad there were people to help me along the way. And even more so I am really thankful for you girls what have given me information that I need and the recipes that I need."

"There are people that tell you what to eat, but the don’t give you specific nutrition plan and they don’t tell you what foods help you and why they help you. I love it that I can continue to get better on my own. Even though it is 6 weeks, it is a lifetime of knowledge of health for me. That’s a win."
Sheila: Sjogren's, dry eyes, joint pain, fatigue, dizziness, sinus headaches, body weakness, very slow digestion, constipation, abdominal

0:07 “I really don’t have anymore symptoms. They have been gone at day 21. They didn’t catch it 2 years ago when they ran an autoimmune panel with me. They let me take a lot of steroids and a few weeks after that, they tested me for autoimmune panel and it didn’t show. Steroids will show some negative on your autoimmune but it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. That’s why they didn’t catch it that time. My symptoms were there 4 and a half years already."

10:47 “I was afraid that I was going to be placed on the same medications my patients are taking. There is a big demand for that and there is more copay now even if you have insurance. I waited for an appointment for 4 months and I was suffering. I know it’s not worth waiting for what they are going to give me”

Tanya - Hashimotos, Gastritis, Anemia

Before 30 days
- brain fog, stomach pain, dizziness
- anemia, thyroid antibodies 491

After 30 days
- no more brain fog, no more stomach pain, no more dizziness
- normal iron, hemoglobin, hematocrit levels
- thyroid antibodies decreased from 491 to 191!
Vincent: Kidney Disease Stage 5, hypertenstion, type 2 diabetes, vasculitis, anemia

Before :
-Hypertension and type 2 diabetes, stage 5 -kidney disease, long-term insulin use
- anemia

After 6 weeks:
- have not used INSULIN since starting the program
- first time in 7 years had a good night sleep (day 10 in the program)
- RBC went from 3.06 (low) to 3.94 (normalizing)
- RDW went from 18.6 (high) to 15.9 (normalizing)
- Hemoglobin went from 8.2 (low) to 10.7 (normalizing)
- Lymphocytes went 8.6 (low) to 29.2 (normal range)
- Monocytes went from 12.4 (high) to 5.4 (normal)
- Creatinine went from 8.93 (high) to 5.98 (normalizing!)
- BUN went from 36 (high) to 24 (normalizing)
- Glucose went from 166 (high) to 81 (normal) off insulin in 2 weeks
Karen: Psoriasis, joint pain, fatigue, weight gain

• Joint pain
• Stiffness
• Lethargic
• Inflexibility
• Heartburn
• Inability to lose weight
40 days after:
• No more heartburn
• No more fatigue
• Lost 20 lbs
• No more joint pain
• More focus and more clarity
• Hair, skin and nails improved
Gwen - inflammation, stomach pain, dry eyes, dry mouth, unknown autoimmune

- low energy
- stomach pain
- dry eyes, dry mouth

- more energy
- better mood and less pain and less dry eyes
day 7!
Barry - autoimmune gastritis, food allergies

- stomach pain
- low stomach acid
- autoimmune gastritis

- no more pain
- great digestion, lots of energy
symptom free in 14 days!
Sandra - lupus nephritis, gastritis, Hashimotos

- stomach pain
- kidney inflammation

- no more pain
- great digestion, lots of energy
day 9!!
Question: How is our process different from everything that you've tried?

"First thing that I loved was that there was no supplements! and the fact that you interact with me daily and that you're accessible. I can text you and with online document, you respond to my question a couple of times a day. Also, that it's nutrition and self care, both. I really think that's important and I really liked that about your program" - client with hyporthyroidism and gastritis (client became symptom free within six weeks)
Question: What would you tell someone who is thinking of working with us? 

'I was skeptical at first because I spent a lot of money on other programs that didn't help or helped but not enough and I wasn't able to stick with it. And I just want to assured whoever is thinking about this. This is definitely worth it and you could stick with it. I'm never hungry. Even when I was going through detox symptoms, i knew it was detox and it would pass. You gave so much support. Detox passed so quickly. I'm really glad. I'm so happy that I took the chance and was it was well worth it"
Sandie: celiac disease (over 10 years), scleroderma, joint pain, postive centromere antibody, constipation, acid reflex

"I have so much energy!" 7 days since starting our program

- no more acid reflex
- no more stomach pain
- no more constipation pain
- no more chronic fatigue
- no more joint pain
Susan - Autoimmune Grave's Disease and Hashimotos

After 40 days progress so far:
- more energy, deeper sleep, less frequency of rapid heart rate and no joint paint
Client's Hashimotos antibodies decreased from 1205 to 504 in 30 days since starting our recovery program
Erica - Ulcerative colitis

medication gave her side effects of joint pain and didn't help her fix her colits
Nathalie: Hormone imbalance (irregular periods/not ovulating)

Hormone imbalance
Swollen lymph nodes
Poor circulation
Weight loss struggles
Low labido
Anxiety MTRR
Head sores
Fluctuating thyroid
Food intolerances

After 16 days:
"I am sleeping way better."
"I feel less angry."
"Even my complexion is WOW."
"My dark circles are gone."
"You are saving [me] a lot of money"

Lucy - interstitial cystitis

• recurring UTI's – for 8 months since Sept 2019 (2-3 times per month)
• laryngitis twice in last 6 months
• severe ear infections and leaky gut
• heart races and exhaustion
• hair thinning and gray hair
•weight gain (16 lbs overweight)

Results in four weeks!
• no more interstitial cystitis
• no more headache
• no more sore back
• no more hair loss
• no more grey hair
• no more fatigue
• lost weight (without much exercise)

Patricia - pemphigus vulgaris

• open wounds and sores on her feet
• very dry skin
• lots of hair loss
• a lot of itching all over her body
• was painful to eat due to her open mouth sores
• painful sores on her body and blisters in her mouth

Results in 40 days!
• "my skin is 70% better"
• better sleep
• high energy
• less dry skin and less itching
• sores appearing less frequently than ever before

"After two weeks on your protocol, I was completely off my medication. It gave me control of my life back and you can't put a price on that" - client with ulcerative colitis
"This has been life changing. I thought I was alive before. But following your program and eating this way and healing, I've felt alive more in the ways than prior to even being sick. I have a surge of creativity, my brain is working. The whole thing just has been beautiful" - client testimonial six weeks after finishing program.
"My skin would sometimes itch and i would get random pumps on my chest. I have not had any itching and my skin is getting better every day. My skin is more flexible than it was before. I can tell a difference. and I haven't noticed any Reynaud's symptoms at all [since starting your program]" - client with scleroderma (day 29 in our program)
"I have normal hair loss now. I noticed my hair is a lot fuller. My skin's glowing. I feel so much happier. I'm not fatigued. The size of my thyroid nodules went down by 0.5. My jaw doesn't click as much (TMJ is gone) and the tingling is ALL GONE, no problem with shortness of breath" - client with fibromyalgia, asthma, hashimotos; WEEK THREE
• cholesterol went from 225 (high) to 131 (normal)
• triglycerides from 149 (high) to 105 (normal)
• LDL went from 141 (high) to 68 (normal)
• Testosterone went from 50 (high) to 38 (normal)
• C reactive protein, cardiac, went from 73.28 (very high) to 0.66 (in normal range!!! no longer at risk for heart attack) 
• C reactive protein went from 56.9 to <1
**And blood pressure went from 150/100 to 110/72**" - client with hashimotos, hypertension, brain fog, chronic body pain and aches; WEEK FIVE
Sclelorderma/Hashimotos/Esaphageal Dysmobility client lab results in 30 days in our autoimmune recovery program:
• Sed rate went from 16 to 7
• C reactive protein went from 0.5 to 0.2 
• Alkaline Phos: 69 to 49 (liver enzymes)
• ALT: 169 to 114 (liver enzymes)
• AST: 76 to 116 (liver enzymes)
• Acid reflux is hardly there at all , More motility in the joints and mouth, Less hair loss,  Sleeping better, Mood improved, Skin and fingers are soft, Albumin/protein, creatinine went up
Crystal: no more symptoms of fibromyalgia, asthma, hashimotos

“I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, several years ago (in 2013). I was told to take Synthroid and I would be fine. Then, a few months after having my baby, I started having weird symptoms. Started having neurological issues (tingling of my skin, weakness in extremities, etc, then problems breathing (asthma) and sleeping (sleep apnea). I've tried elimination diets that didn't work.”

• no more tingling
• no more asthma issues
• thyroid nodule decreased by 0.5
• no more hair loss 
• no more fatigue
• fibromyalgia pain went from 7 to 1 in six weeks of working together
Lindsay: No more hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety, hair loss, insomnia, anemia

Reversing all of her symptoms and got off her thyroid meds and all supplements in 30+ supplements.

• low iron and ferritin
• hypothyroidism
• was taking 20 supplements per day
• low morning cortison
• extreme hair loss
• insomnia
• adrenal fatigue
• irregula cucles
• weight gain
• depression

Day 6 – “I keep getting glimpses of “old Lindsay”- even my husband commented on my mood, energy, and overall demeanor being so much better.”
Day 8– “I feel like the cloud lifted. I cannot BELIEVE that without taking all those cortisol supplements that I actually feel like my adrenals are healing. I don’t feel the internal shaking and nerves buzzing.”
Day 30 – “what are you talking about? Symptoms? I don’t have any.”
Day 31 – “NONE”
Cassandra: No more Lyme Disease symptoms

• fatigue, digestive issues (constipation, diarrhea and severe abdominal pain)
• Sensitivity to cold (fingers and toes turned white)
• dizziness, brain fog, nausea, mood swings, headaches, joint paint and cramps.

day 1 
"Abdominal pain, tired, drained, weak, bloated and full. Felt sick. Stress was a 10/10 major wedding stress. It was touch but I got it done. Felt nauseated, headache got worse. Dizziness and cravings."
day 5
"Digestion is normal, and mood was good, super happy."
day 14
"all pain is gone, headache is gone."
day 19  
"My gut is feeling so good!! I am seriously so happy. Thank you so much!!!"

Pina: No More Grave's Disease and Autoimmune Gastritis

- Grave’s Disease (no thyroid) and Autoimmune Gastritis
- nearly 90 lbs underweight
- extreme hair loss (Alopecia)
- feeling depressed and frustrated
- cramping and bloating
- gastric ulcers

- gained healthy weight
- feeling positive and enthusiastic
- hair is growing up!
- no more cramping and bloating
- no more gastric ulcers!
Dori: No more Ulcerative Colitis; watch the full interview here

• Went to ER in March 2018 with severe pain, high fever, and unable to keep food down or in.
• 12-15 bloody and mucusy BMs/day.
• Chronic fatigue
• steroids and Mesalamine 4x/day.

• Day 3-4 “I had completely normal BMs”
• Week 2: pain-free, symptom-free
• Week 3: clearer thinking, elevated mood, surge of energy, took last of her anti-inflammatory
• Depression has lifted
• No more medicine, no more bloody and mucosy stools
• No more brain fog, no more chronic fatigue
Tami: hashimotos and gastritis (became symptom free in 5 weeks)

• diagnosed with Hashimotos 10 years ago
• positive antibodies (ANA)
• severe gastritis, pain in the right side, insomnia, anxiety, depression, sinus congestion, muscle cramping and sugar cravings

• No more gastritis and no more stomach pain
• No symptoms of hashimotos
• No more brain fog
• No more depression, anxiety, insomnia, no more sugar cravings
“We need to keep going, I know someday we will be healed.” - Client with scleroderma, Sjogren’s, RA 
“I feel hopeful.” – Client with lupus nephritis
"I have had great results. I have no tendon rubs. I have not had zero tendon rubs in 4 years. My skin is so much softer. My fingers and hands are not as swollen as they were. Constipation has completely gone away. Before the program, I was going 4-5 days without using the bathroom. Now I am regular. I'm not bloated. The amount of progress I've made in six weeks is more than I have ever made in 4 years. You need to do this" - results of our client with systemic scleroderma six weeks after doing our program

"I would have probably died if I have not looked into different things to try like your program. The doctors just don't have the knowledge or background to be able to heal people. They can mask the symptoms" - client with rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, oligoarthritis
Marjorie  - No more Mild Chrohn's and Irresistible Bowel Syndrome 

- 10+ years of chronic digestive issues (constipation, diarrhea)
- chronic fatigue (energy is zero)
- stomach pain that affects her day to day life and activities
- high cholesterol
- positive ANA

- no more chronic digestive issues (no more constipation, no more diarrhea)
- no more chronic fatigue (energy is 10)
- no more stomach pain
- normal cholesterol
- negative ANA

Angel - No more Chronic Fatigue, Eczema on arms, food allergies

- chronic fatigue
- food allergies
- lack of will power and accountability
- unexplained skin patches
- lack of knowledge what she needs to and why to get the best health and freedom from illnesses

- no more fatigue
- no more fear of illnesses
- no more skin patches
Lina: No more Reynaud's and IBS

- Small intestine area hard as a rock, cant digest
- Bloated 24/7 and feels like 9 month pregnant
- Relied on daily medications
- Always tired and hungry
- Can't digest fiber and it makes things worse
- Reynaud's phenomenal 
- Thought nothing could help and her problem was not reversible! 

- No more feeling like 9 month pregnant
- Normal bowel movements
- No more daily medications
- Reversed Reynaud's in 6 weeks!
- More energy and more enthusiasm!
Client: Hodkin's Lymphoma, Hashimotos, Gastritis - 40 day lab results
TSH was high at 6.36 and now it's 3.24 (within normal range) 
Iron was low at 24 and now 57!
% Transferring saturation was low at 9% and now 19% 
Calcium went up from 8.1 to 8.6!
Hematocrit went up from 29.3 to 31.8!
Client: Hodkin's Lymphoma, Hashimotos, Gastritis
Thyroid peroxidase antibody decreased from 110 to 82! 
Client: Hodkin's Lymphoma, Hashimotos, Gastritis
Thyroglobulin antibody decreased from 1,203 to 504 IU/ml 
Kimberly - Sjogrens, chronic UTIs, joint pain, positive ANA

• positive sjogren's antibodies anti-SS-B, anti-SS-A
• joint pain, bloating, upset stomach
• dry mouth, allergies, headaches, nausea

• NEGATIVE anti-SS-B in 8 weeks!
• joint pain was gone
• no more bloating or upset stomach
Bethany - Positive ANA, joint pain, super weak immune system, pneumonia, Lyme Disease, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome,  Extreme Fatigue

• tried many protocols and programs - but none of them delivered the health outcome that she has seen working with us; 
joint pain and brain fog
• extreme fatigue
• pneumonia
• depression and anxiety
• anemia
• bronchitis

• on day 32, she reported no more achy joints, brain clarity, lost 10 lbs, sleep was better
• fungal infection went away
• no more joint pain, no more brain fog, no more fatigue, no more brochitis
Crystal - Fibromyalgia, Hashimotos

"If ya'll charged 15,000, I would find a way to make it work" - People who healed in our program have told us it was the best thing they have done for themselves. Eliminating a disease means not only eliminating pain and suffering, but also eliminating medical bills.

Our clients, 99% of them, are sick with multiple autoimmune disease as well as low income families and don't have savings to invest, yet found the way and now living their best health possible.
Ramesh - No More Rheumatoid Arthritis

- 56 years old
- Chronic Arthritis
- Severe Fatigue and Joint Pain
- Taking lots of supplements for pain and inflammation
- High Blood Pressure and medications

- No more body pains and joint paint
- No more supplements (not needed!)
- Normal blood pressure
- Medication-free!
Krystal: Arthritis symptoms 

• acid reflex, bloating
• high blood pressure
• swelling in ankles and joint pain; stiffness in the morning
• ESR is 25 (high; measures inflammation in the body)
• Brain fog, chronic fatigue, ear infections
• 30 lbs overweight

• No more acid reflex (burping and belching is gone), No eye floaters, no more ear infection
• Blood pressure went from 145/10 to 98/76
• No more joint pain, no more ankle swelling
• Digestion is excellent, lost 28 lbs of fat
• Brain fog is gone, no more chronic fatigue
• ESR went from 25 to 5 (in two weeks!)
• Morning stiffness improved by 80%
Bennie - No More Type 2 Diabetes (was told he was going to be on a dialysis machine very soon)

- Blood pressure: 245/196
- A1c  11.6
- Blood sugar 200-400
- Pant Size 46
- Insulin, blood pressure medications

- Blood pressure 138/87
- A1c 5.6
- Blood sugar 95
- Pant size 33
- Medication-free!
// Reversal of inflammation, arthritis pain, and elevated liver enzymes within six weeks! //

- High inflammation and liver enzymes

- Low inflammation and normal liver enzyme
- no more eye floaters, no more acid reflex, normal blood pressure, joint pain is gone, no more swelling in ankles, digestion is excellent, lost 28 lbs+ in six weeks, brain fog is gone, no more chronic fatigue, nightshades sensitivity is gone, ear issues are gone, morning stiffness improved by 80%.
Raynaud's Reversed in under 5 Weeks!
"I am definitely feeling better than I was before the program. My mood is probably the best improvement, my energy is better. I was having pretty severe symptoms that has not been unknowledge by anyone." - client with psoriasis, sporadic rashes, mouth sores, joint pain and muscle pain that moves all around her body, numbness and tingling/burning, headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, right side abdomen pain, some gastro issues from time to time, cold feet, red and dry skin after showering, bruising, dry eyes, extreme anxiety and depression, fatigue, dizziness, heart palpitations. 
"I’ve gone from feeling numb everywhere to feeling human again.” However, she has been so determined to heal and she knew that “something could change this and make me feel human again and you guys have. It is unreal. You guys are unicorns, I hope you know this.- client with sjogren's and mixed connective disease. She suffered with a lot of dryness, tooth decay, hair thinning, muscle pain and joint stiffness, low energy, food sensitives (day 30 in our program)
Hypothyroidism, vertigo, scleroderma, crest, raynaud's, sjogrens
"I am on day 20, I have mixed connetive tissue autoimmune diseases, so as much pain as you can imagine, that's my every day 10/10, I am out of 5 now. And that's just huge..And my muscles are so much body is visually changing. It is amazing, I just appreciate you guys." - client with sjogrens and mixed connective disease.

"I have been suffering from scleroderma and raynauld's for 5 years now, and I have to say this is day 11 for me, and my symptoms are almost gone. My pain was 10 and now it is down to 3 and my swealling and heart burn and stiffness are almost gone. I am so amazed at how this program has helped." - client with scleroderma, raynauld's
"Before, I had really bad anxiety and depression. I had a lot of brain fog and fatigue; I was so tired and a lot of times. My hair was shading pretty bad every morning. I cried a lot. I didn't sleep well. I had a lot of stomach pain and acid reflex and the doctors couldn't fix it. Just within a few days of working with you, my stomach pain and digestive issues were completely done. " - client with hyporthyroidism and gastritis 
"I feel good. I feel like my skin is getting softer on my hands. The coloring on my arms is getting better. I haven't had ankle rubs since the start of the program. No bloating, no constipation. That's a huge change" - client with scleroderma (day 23 in our program)
"Today I am so full of energy, I could go for a jog" - client with food allergies, candida, fatigue, eczema, asthma

"I know that I'm healing, but also for my children. After I graduated, I couldn't do anything because of autoimmunity, but now I"m excited to do things with my degree" - client with fibromyalgia, hashimotos, positive ANA, mother of four children
"I've tried everything. I've tried the celery juice, meat and veggies, going paleo - nothing was working and now i still get achyness but it's nothing like it was before!" - day 8 in our program, client with positive ANA, chronic digestive issues, pain, no gallbladder, joint pain, leaky gut, PCOS.
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